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Chicago Deep Tunnel Project - Up the shaft (rep by Getty images) 2Chicago Deep_Tunnel_Project-1plastic wrapChicago Deep_Tunnel_Project-3Chicago Deep Tunnel elevator shaft 4Chicago Deep_Tunnel_Project-4Chicago Deep_Tunnel_Project-7Elevator shaftChicago Deep Tunnel elevator shaft 2Chicago Deep_Tunnel_Project-6DT 0067 looking down 400ft shaftbwChicago Deep_Tunnel_Project-8Chicago Deep_Tunnel_Project-29Chicago Deep_Tunnel_Project-28Chicago Deep_Tunnel_Project-60Chicago Deep Tunnel Main shaftChicago Deep_Tunnel_Project-16Chicago Deep_Tunnel_Project-30Chicago Deep_Tunnel_Project-14Chicago Deep Tunnel tunnel shot from drift head

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Chris Daniel(non-registered)

These photos are amazing. Thank you for sharing them. Do you have rough dates / which parts of the project these photos are from? Thank you!
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