Born in Chicago in 1955. Michael’s 1st camera was a Kodak Instamatic and he was in love with his camera from the first time he plugged his flashcube into the top. He was an avid shooter through his youth and bought his first Nikon as a High School graduation present to himself. His more notable images from Chicago are from the Chicago Deep Tunnel Project. There are very few images of this project available shot by private photographers not working for the contractors because of the limited access to the tunnel which was accomplished by climbing into a small bucket and being dropped, 400 ft. down a hole in the ground.

In the early 1980’s, following a life long desire and obsession Michael moved to sunny California where began as a limousine driver meeting people from all over the world, thereby fuelling his wanderlust even more so. He eventually purchased the company and then sold it and moved into Real Estate. He became a manager of a large Real Estate company in Marina del Rey and then managed an office in Manhattan Beach.

When the market crashed in the early 90’s, Michael thought it would be a good time to take off 6 months and travel to Europe. Those 6 months turned into 20 plus years of traveling and living in most of Europe and Africa. Michael just returned to the United States this last July.

Michael lived (in order) in London England, Germany, Ireland, Germany (again), Spain, Kenya, Rwanda, and South Africa. In Africa, Michael worked a good deal of the time for the United Nations and other NGO’s. Left Nairobi and drove solo in an old kombi VW from Kenya to South Africa, before the advent of GPS and with limited or no roads. On more than one occasion on this and other trips, one of his hobbies, slight of hand magic saved his life by bluffing possible attackers with his “magic powers.”

After Africa back the US for a short time and then off again traveling Europe and finally settled in a small town that time has forgotten. Cava de Tirreni on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. From there he traveled extensively around Italy and all of Europe and the Mid East.

Michael met his now ex-wife Renata in Italy and they have two of the most wonderful children on the face of the earth, well at least they think so.

While living in Italy he traveled to all parts of Europe. He had opened and import/export company and his work took him to Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic,
Denmark, Sweden, Germany, England, Ireland, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal and more.

At last count he had visited over 42 countries and 700 cities, taking photos in most of them along the way. The collection exhibited has tried to show many of the adventures.

Living now in El Segundo California as a single dad/scout leader/baseball/softball coach and volunteers as part of a aerial Search and Rescue team for the Civil Air Patrol (CAP). And with all the free time from the above duties, he spends that time pursuing aerial photography, surf / skate boarding and other Los Angeles centric related photos.
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